Data Recovery Services

Our service specializes in virus removal, spy ware removal, and system recovery. 
Is your computer acting "strange"???
Slow?  Virus or Malware attack?
Did you "fry" your laptop or hard drive?
Can't get your pictures or docs back?
Did you delete a bunch of important things and can't get them back?
Do you need help in setting up your system, network?

We can recover data from hard drives - even if you can't. 

We've helped small businesses, independent consultants and sales reps who don't have the time to deal with computer issues, and told it could cost $1,200+ to retrieve data!  Let us  save you the expense, inconvenience and aggravation!

Send us an E-mail with your phone number and we will call you back: 
orders at datahart dot com

AFFORDABLE - FAST solution (Forget those other ridiculously expensive services)
Call us for a reliable, experienced IT Professional who can get your data back at a reasonable cost!

Partial list of services:

- Hard drive, Thumb drive, SD card, Phone storage Mini SD -  data recovery - pictures, music, mp3's and other files / docs
- Fixing any and all issues related to systems and applications such as viruses, hardware failures and error messages.
- Installation and configuration of new hardware/software.
- Our secure remote diagnostics ad user support and training is world class service.
- Performance optimization, recommendations on upgrades/updates, and system failure recovery.

MAXIMUM  cost of data recovery would be $500  -- the total fee includes an initial payment of $65 to evaluate / investigate the condition of your device, and to make sure we can recover data -- which we can 99% of the time --  and which is applied to your total fee.  (see below for Payment information).  Recovered data can be posted to the cloud or on data DVD for you.

E-mail:  orders at datahart dot com  (include your name and phone number for a call back)

Read about how we've recovered data under extraordinary and unbelieveable circumstances

"My sister spilled a bottle of seltzer into my laptop which was instantly water logged.  I was out of the country at the time, and the Datahart guys  fixed and recovered my drive." - Ben - Silver Springs, MD

"I need my database which is critical for my sales job.  I work remote, so when  my laptop crashed so I bought a new one.  The store said that there was no way to recover the data from a solid state drive.  I have known the Datahart guys for years, and not only did they recover the data drive from my old laptop and transfer it to my new one, they completely fixed the old one!   I gave it to them as a gift with my payment - thanks again,  Datahart." - Pat - St. Petersburg, FL

"I got all my music files back.  They recovered all my other files too for over $1,000 less than quoted by Staples." - Jon - Blue Bell, PA

"I have terrible luck and am a disaster waiting to happen with electronic devices, but am lucky I could call on Datahart. When I drove over my smart phone with my SUV, Datahart recovered my files.  Then, I had a serious accident while walking and texting where I fell down an elevator shaft - fortunately, I wasn't killed, but broke my leg.  My phone also survived, but with shattered glass.   At the hospital while the doctor was setting my broken leg,  I was using my phone texting my wife, when the phone slipped out of my hands and landed in the bucket of water and Plaster of Paris for the cast.  The phone was  plastered and soaked, totally dead.  Once again Datahart got all my data back!  Another time they got my data back after I accidentally erased it  with health magnets.... real miracle workers." - Marc - Willow Grove, PA

"We were at the shore and my kids were playing in the ocean on beautiful day and calling for me, so I ran down the beach and dove into the water, and splashed around for a couple minutes when I remembered that my phone was in my swim trunks pocket.  Even in that short time the salt water had begun corroding the battery.  Thankfully, Datahart fixed me up." - Taylor - Philadelphia, PA

"I was unaware that my son spilled a cola drink on my work laptop computer.  He secretly cleaned up the keyboard, but eventually the cola worked down to the mother board and it stopped working.  It had happened months earlier, and from photographs Datahart took of my computer when repairing it, I saw, unbelievably, some sort of seed had sprouted inside the computer right on the hard drive which was covered in a lot of messy goo from the cola .  The computer was a "gonner," but all the hard drive data was recovered." - Tom - Chicago, IL

Please Note: if you took a sledge hammer to your computer out of frustration, we might not be able to help without taking extraordinary measures at extra cost to retrieve your data, if possible.  No retrieval work is done until analysis is made and we consult back with you on the condition of your media.

Send us an E-mail with your phone number and we will call you back to discuss your needs: 
orders at datahart dot com

To get started you'd reserve you $65 data media evaluation/analysis fee (Payment made below) and mail your device.  Remainder of payment due after data retrieval. 

Recovered data can be posted to the cloud or on data DVD for you.

Data Recovery Selection
Type of thing that needs Data Recovery
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Please insure contents when mailing your media:
Slot 1 Recording
P.O. Box 567
Ambler, PA   19002

Again, you can send an E-mail with phone number for call back to discuss your need:
orders at datahart dot com


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